Dutch Hardcore artist Nosferatu can be defined as one of the most popular DJ’s and producers of our time. His style can be described as raw, vicious and yet with a melodic touch. Decades of experienced have turned this musical mastermind into a legendary artist.

In recent years, Nosferatu’s biggest achievement was his “Approach To Midnight” album, featuring countless nr. 1 hits and collaborations with Angerfist, Tha Playah, Ophidian, Dj Mad Dog and more. But the madness never stops, and neither does Nosferatu’s creative flow. He has been responsible for the anthems of Harmony of Hardcore, AIRFORCE Festival, Masters of Hardcore Austria, Exodus and So W’Happy.

And considering his pedigree of creating extreme high-speed hardcore, he took a dive into the uptempo industry and teamed up with some of the most resounding names of said genre, making tunes with Partyraiser, Angernoizer and Spitnoise that are definitely not for the faint of heart.

One thing is for certain: Nosferatu lives for hardcore, and there’s simply no reason for him to ever stop pushing the genre forward.