Our studio engineers have many years of experience within all subgenres of hard dance styles. Looking for the final touch to get you track as clean and loud as possible?

Our studio engineers offer you the hardest and cleanest mastering on your track. With years of experience, we have mastered tracks for some of the biggest artists and labels in the hard dance industry; Paul Elstak, Dr. Phunk, Neophyte, Neophyte Records, State of Anarchy, Angernoizer and many more.

How to get your track mastered?

  1. Fill in our contact form
  2. Send your track with -6 DB headroom .wav 24BIT
  3. Send in with a Dropbox link

    Mastering will cost you €75 ex. VAT
    Stem mastering (max. 10 stems) will cost you €150 ex. VAT