Music management


With over 30 years of experience in music management within the hard dance industry, our team provides you the best quality. Music management is what we do, is how we built brands and what we are good at! We take care of the business side of your music career, along with promotional work for your brand.

57 Music offers intensive guidance & assistance for both new talents and veteran artist. We focus on creating and expanding a long-term career, especially in the harder styles of dance music.

“A collaboration between a creative producer and a professional team, creates a winning formula for both parties”

One of the most important factors for success is having a network in the media- & entertainment industry. By collaborating with professional partners, both on national and international scale, we execute an intense marketing- & management policy in which the artist’s wishes always come first.

Our network will help you reach the highest possible level of your career, building it step by step with our assistance. At the same time we have tons of experience for administrative tasks in the music industry, and therefore can supply you with fitting advise on the right level.