There are some crude kids on the Hardcore block, ready to strike out into the scene! Rik Raben aka INVADE is one of these prime Hardcore fanatics, carrying a burning passion for the millennium styles. In 201 9, he took a major leap forward by entering and eventually winning the 20 Years of Neophyte Records remix contest; his fresh perspective on Hardcore made him turn Masters of Ceremony’s “A Way Of Life” into a modern-day millennium style slammer.

Such an achievement would infuse any producer with creativity and as such, Rik went back to the studio and started working himself to the bone. His second appearance on Neophyte Records was on the first Core Essentials EP with “Just do It”, a righteous lead-up to his eventual solo debut release in September 2020. With “Fight For Glory” (featuring Alee) and “Old School”, INVADE has shown the world what he will bring to the table: absolute freeform hardcore, a delicious mixture between today’s modern Hardcore and the classic style of the days of old.