A landmark in the world of Italian Hardcore, Giorgio Coniglione has a rich Hardcore history. As one of the peak Italian artists, his production history started all the way back in 1998. He made his first beats on Playstation software, just for fun. Four years later, his first releases actually came to fruition. There was no slowing down the Hellsystem anymore: the fun hobby had turned into pure Harcore fury.

Inspired by both mainstream and millennium hardcore, combined with synthwave music, some of Hellsystem’s renowned discography are tunes like “Mad Pimp”, “Set Me Up”, “The Executioner”, “Dead Motherfucker” and the absolute peak of his productional history: his second solo album “Devil Face”, released in 2012. This release streak made him collab with and remix for the likes of Angerfist, Tha Playah, Tieum, Predator, DJ D and Nitrogenetics. No stage was safe for his songs either, as Hellsystem’s distinct style brought him around the globe to spread his creative take on Hardcore music.

After a short hiatus in which he focused on the Invaïssor project, Giorgio returned to the Hellsystem project in 2019. Feeling motivated like “he was back at the place where he belonged”. 2020 marks the year where his fate intertwined with Neophyte Records. His first Neophyte Records tune was “Nonsense Tale”, part of the Core Essentials Part 1 EP, leading up to his first smashing solo release “Rocking Shocking”. When asked about what it felt like to receive a request to join the Neophyte Records family, Giorgio commented: “I feel honored and proud to join this legendary label with a dream team of artists. It’s a new accomplishment for my musical career, and it’s an offer you cannot refuse”.

Hellsystem is ready to blow of your speakers with his tracks!