Dark Collective

Dark Collective is a hardcore act that consists of two brothers; Jelle and Pim Swinkels. Born in Heerlen and raised in The Hague, these brothers have been into hardcore from the beginning.

Their story begins 18 years ago, when they were introduced to The Ultimate Hardcore Top 100 CD. Since then, they have been hooked on the hard dance genre and other subgenres that come with it. 15 years later, after visiting many festivals, they wanted to explore how to make such raging beats themselves. They joined forces and started making music that resonated with them. A combination of multiple harder styles has been inspiring them ever since and led to their dark sound.

Since that moment, they have spent countless hours developing their sound with a very strong urge to deliver the best quality possible. They often compared their productions to those of established artists in the scene to work towards that level. This dedication and drive is what led Dark Collective to sign with Border Town, as their energy and vibe were a perfect match.

Dark Collective represents empowering, harmonious, and sinister hardcore.